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Binyan Blocks

When my older children were small, we spent hours playing with Fisher Price sets. I used to imagine that I would one day partner with that company to create a Shul set, complete with Tatty and boy figures, Torahs, and a backyard sukkah with a crank-up roof.

So when I saw the Binyan Blocks ad with the shul AND the sukkah, I knew this was a company after my own heart.  Those boys are grown up now, but their younger brothers were very willing to indulge my fantasy and become the proud owners of a few sets of Binyan Blocks.

Even though it was a school night, actually  a whole week of school nights, everyone managed to make time for Binyan Blocks.  Homework?  Two minutes.  Put away my briefcase, coat and shoes? Done.  Can we build now?

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