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Gemarakup Super Sleuth

Here’s your Jewish Encyclopedia Brown.  These mini mysteries might leave you stumped, but Gemarakup solves them using lessons he learned in yeshiva.  Boys appreciate the genius, as most of them have learned the same stories in their own class.

“It’s very good!  He figures it out from stories he learned in Gemara,” says our Junior reviewer.  “Like the one where his uncle owns a jewelry store…and there’s a holdup, and…” okay, let your little gemara kups read it themselves.

There are four volumes in the Gemarakup series, available at http://www.artscroll.com, and at 5.99 each, they are extremely reasonable for Jewish books!

Here’s a link directly to Volume I:  http://artscroll.com/linker/bob1262/ASIN/GK1P

[Gemarakup Super Sleuth, Miriam Stark Zakon, Artscroll]

Adventures of a Lifetime Series

Give your boys a dose of high adventure with the Adventures of a Lifetime series.  These books combine intrigue, memorable characters and the charm of Eretz Yisroel, with a touch of history for good measure.  The actions starts up early, and it keeps taking exciting twists and turns throughout the plot, keeping boys hooked.

So far we’ve read Destination Unknown and The Churva Plot, and we look forward to reading the latest adventure, Strangers in Yerushalayim.

[Adventures of a Lifetime Series, Zev Spektor, Judaica Press]

The series is available to purchase at Judaica Press

Mission Control to Mars

Have boys age 9 – 15?  Mission Control to Mars has our vote!

“It’s hard to find books like this,” says my son, who’s currently serving as my junior reviewer. “It has everything in one: adventure, a bit of mystery, and also regular stuff like getting along with friends.”

I couldn’t agree more.  That was exactly my own impression of this creative, fun book.  The setting is original, but the characters are boys we all recognize in our own communities, struggling to get along and find their place even as they deal with crisis and, in this case, inter-planetary emergencies!

Stay tuned for impressions of our other reviewers…

[Mission Control to Mars, by C. B. Gavant, Menucha Publishers]

Available here: