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Top Trumps – Oiber Chochom

If your kids can sit on the couch with a few decks of cards playng War for hours on end (and then pick up again where they left off the next day), wait till they see Top Trumps! Top Trumps is War 2.0, giving each player a turn to choose his best-bet factoid from a choice of 5 on each card, increasing his chance to win. Cards are themed and educational, with sets on US Presidents, Creatures under the Sea and War Planes, among others.

For those who prefer the Jewish version , you can buy a set of Gedolim or Talmud Bavli Oiber Chochom at your local Judaica store.

And if that’s not enough, challenge your son to make his OWN set of cards, using any set of data that interests him: the 50 states, the people in your family,or lehavdil, personalities from Tanach.  We have a set of Talmud Yerushalmi, painstakingly put together by my son and his chavrusa,  and we’re happy to share that with anyone who’s interested.

Oiber Chochom is also available online at Judaica Place