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Adventures of a Lifetime Series

Give your boys a dose of high adventure with the Adventures of a Lifetime series.  These books combine intrigue, memorable characters and the charm of Eretz Yisroel, with a touch of history for good measure.  The actions starts up early, and it keeps taking exciting twists and turns throughout the plot, keeping boys hooked.

So far we’ve read Destination Unknown and The Churva Plot, and we look forward to reading the latest adventure, Strangers in Yerushalayim.

[Adventures of a Lifetime Series, Zev Spektor, Judaica Press]

The series is available to purchase at Judaica Press

Boy Oh Boy! Review in the Yated

Here’s the review of Boy Oh Boy! as it appeared in Yated.


And here’s the review in text:


Reviewed by R. Lieberman

Mothers of boys are rightfully clueless about their son’s world; after all, no mother has ever been a boy!  What will excite a boy before Yom Tov?  How can his teacher expect him to know the times tables if they don’t sing each table in song, like you did when you were in school?  If he finished learning a sefer of Navi on his own, is the siyum a seudas mitzvah?  If your son is a Kohen, a Levi or a lefty, what should you be aware of?  If Tatty’s away, can you review your son’s Gemara with him?

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Book Review in Hamodia

The very first official book review of Boy Oh Boy! appeared this week in Hamodia’s weekend edition!  Read it in the attached PDF.

Do you have a local paper where readers know you? Do you want to review Boy Oh Boy! for your community?  If the paper has a considerable readership, contact me about receiving a free book in exchange for your review.

The book review is now available on the Baltimore Where What When website, here http://www.wherewhatwhen.com/article/book-review-boy-oh-boy-by-beily-paluch as well.

And an expanded version including excerpts can be found on the Cleveland Jewish News, here