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The Youngest Partisan

After A. Romi Cohn spoke at my son’s Yeshiva, my boys asked to buy his book, The Youngest Partisan; their eager expressions made it clear that they intended to read it.

Not only did my older boys read it cover to cover, but even my eleven- and thirteen-year-old boys, who rarely attempt full-length, adult books, were riveted, and read the entire book through until the end.

What they said, “I kept waiting to get up to the part where he becomes a partisan, but the whole book is very interesting.”

And, “He keeps having to run from place to place, and he hides who he is in order to help other Jews.”

In short, A. Romi Cohn’s tremendous courage as a teenager, when he was just a few years older than they are, is fascinating to today’s boys.

[The Youngest Partisan, A. Romi Cohn, Mesorah Publications]