Feed the Birds While They Fly

This post is so long overdue – I’ve been planning it since last Chol Hamoed!

If you haven’t been to the New York Aquarium recently, it’s worth a trip.  There was much damage from hurricane Sandy, so many exhibits are closed, but the sea lion show is so fantastic that it makes the trip worthwhile.  In fact, when we were there on Succos, we watched the show twice.

Of course, no trip to Coney Island is complete without a stroll along the boardwalk, and a detour to the beach.  One of the boys threw a crumb to a sea gull, and soon there were hordes of the white birds hovering around, clamoring for more.

We tossed a few crumbs this way, a few that way, and then, next time I looked, my son was tossing bread crumbs into the air like kugelach, and a white cloud of sea gulls lurched and dived over his head like a live umbrella, catching the crumbs in mid-air.  This was definitely a notch above your standard feed-the-birds activity.  As he continued to toss the crumbs, more and more birds joined the cluster, amid much cheering and rooting from the rest of the gang.  I don’t think I could have torn them away. Thankfully, the bread supply eventually ran dry.

So choose a long Friday afternoon, preferably when it’s cool so the atmosphere is tznius’dig, and when you’re done with the aquarium, remember to feed the birds while they fly.

Don’t forget your camera!

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