Diggerland USA

I had seen the ads for Diggerland several times.  The originality of the tractor theme appealed to me, but there were too many reasons not to go: I prefer to take my children to somewhere that is at least marginally educational, even if the extent of the education is to see a new corner of Hashem’s universe,  Diggerland is relatively expensive, and besides, it’s far.

So why did we finally go? Maybe it was the fact that our Pesach guests brought four more boys under age ten into the house – I knew we had to go somewhere that would be boy-heaven!  The fact that they had come from Israel also helped me look away from the high cost, as our guests wanted to experience America as fully as possible.

So, what’s the dig on Diggerland?  It was absolutely fantabulous!  Everyone had a grand time, from age 4 to 44!

What did we like?

1. You can see almost the whole place from just about anywhere.

During the first few minutes, I tried hard to keep everyone at my side, so I could keep track of where everyone was.  But after a while, I realized that due to brilliant planning, it really wasn’t necessary.  You can see almost the whole park from any spot, and it’s pretty easy to find your kids when you need them.  The rides in the center are adjacent to each other, take up less space and cutting down on the places where a person can get lost.  Also, all the rides in the middle are low to the ground, so nothing blocks your view.  The  taller rides are around the perimeter of the park.  There is just one ride that is entirely on the other side…not too bad for a theme park.

Of course, you can always ride the Sky Shuttle up into the sky for the best view!

2. There’s so much to do!  Tractors, tractors everywhere!

The  bigger kids get to ride tractors and jeeps of several kinds around twisty, turning tracks.  The younger ones can ride on a parent’s lap for those rides, and there’s even one mini car just their size that they can drive all by themselves.

We also tried the tractors, where you can dig earth, pluck ducks out of water, or bowl down pins with the forklift.

3. We took up the challenge of the 4-story ropes course, and it was a terrific thrill.  There’s no extra charge for that, but you do need to sign a waiver and pick up a different wristband for anyone who’s going to climb up.

4. The staff was super-nice.

When there’s a big crowd of mostly children, it’s understandable if the staff members become impatient or curt.  But wherever we went, not only in the early morning but even during the busy hours and at the end of a very long day, the ride operators were friendly, gentle and patient.  Special thanks to the tractor operator who kept the ride open an extra few minutes during a downpour so my daughter could have her turn, and then gave her the added bonus of turning the key that shut the ride down for night!

5. There is a large food tent, and all food is directed there.  This gives you a comfortable place to eat, and keeps the park sparkling clean at the same time.

6.  There is no saving places in line.  This is a park rule, and helps everyone enjoy.  What you see is what you get with the line.  (The day before we were somewhere else, and each person in the line ahead of us was like a mini-mentchie on a demographic chart, where the key shows that 1 figure = 10 people!  THAT line took forever!)

7. Tickets are sold in advance, to assist with capacity control.

For a short time in the early afternoon, there were long waits for the most popular rides, but for most of the day, the lines were quick, and there were always options that accept many riders at once and at which there were no lines.

If you decide to visit Diggerland, buy tickets in advance and sign up for the newsletters so you get a $5 coupon good for up to ten tickets.

Diggerland is located here:

Diggerland USA
100 Pinedge Drive
West Berlin, NJ 08091

Click here for the websirte: http://www.diggerlandusa.com


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