Of Guns and Pluffers

Here’s the thing with boys and Purim. They will get dressed up as ANYTHING, so long as they get to have a gun or a sword, preferably both!

A few weeks ago, my son was playing with a little girl his age.  The toy he chose was a medium-sized box of Gears. To be clear, this is not a building toy, but rather a sort of puzzle where you connect flat boards and then build a chain of gears upon them that you can control with a small handle.

I heard my son say, “Let’s make a gun.”

The girl groaned. “No.”

My son didn’t miss a beat. “Okay, then, a sword.”

So my son is happy to be anything on Purim, even a chicken, as long as he gets his weapons.  Some boys don’t take to the armed chicken thing, but there’s a sure way to get them to cooperate, assuming you need your little guy to wear some costume other than a police or soldier: just tell him he’s a ‘secret police.’  Then it doesn’t matter if his costume is a carrot.  You give him the guns, perhaps a badge to prove his identity; he’s sold, and everyone’s happy.

On the other hand, you might ask him if he wants to be a pluffer.  Just today my son was ambling around the house with a Swiffer-type mop.  “What are you doing?”

“I’m a pluffer!”

“A what?”

“You know.  The truck that clears the snow.  A pluffer!”

So you can try your luck, and maybe he will agree to be a pluffer.  But don’t be fooled into thinking you get away with the weapons.  Just wait till you see what he can do with that broomstick!

“Put that down, put that DOWN! O—-ouch!”


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