Carp in the Bathtub

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The chapter on jaundice was very interesting.  Here’s something I heard recently (but I think is considered dangerous) – to put the baby in a bathtub with live carp swimming around.  It’s supposed to work like the pigeon cure for hepatitis – the carp absorb the bilirubin.

Please do not try this – I’ve also heard that it’s not effective, because the baby’s liver is not fully mature, and the bilirubin will rise again after the ‘treatment.’

Has anyone else heard of this?  Any professionals have input?

4 thoughts on “Carp in the Bathtub

  1. The Hebrew Hamodia had half a column about this in the December 1, Wednesday supplement in “Patent Rashum” (It’s an Idea!) on page 18. They wrote that you don’t have to (shouldn’t) put the baby in the bathtub with the carp, but you can put in next to water. I didn’t quit follow how this is to be done as the article is in Hebrew.

    I think that to do all these ‘segulos’ or whatever you want to call them, you have to be ‘into it’. They’re not for everybody. If you are comfortable with having a late bris, and thousands if not millions have since time immemorial, why go meshugah over this?

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