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Follow that Siren

Here’s a link to the article as it appeared in Hamodia, and the text of the article follows:


This column needs a disclaimer. As I sent out an email to mothers of boys asking them to share their experiences with their boys and sirens, I wondered how it would be received. Sure enough, the responses were split 50-50. Half were enthusiastic, full of tales of boyish energy that ignites in response to a siren call. The other half reminded me of what we all know: In reality, sirens are serious business and really not anything to celebrate.I wavered a few moments, reconsidering, before I began to laugh.Who is responding to my query? Mothers!And that’s precisely why this is material that makes an article. Mothers know what sirens signify, and we take them seriously. Granted, toddlers imitating a siren are merely fascinated by that powerful sound, but surprisingly, older boys know what sirens signify, and yet they still find that sense of danger exhilarating. Es vet gornish helfen! They are boys, and this is how they are wired. A few years ago, our own home was consumed by a fire that the wind quickly blew over to the next two homes as well. Like a drawing in a picture book, the house was physically engulfed in flames that were shooting out of the windows and leaping over the rooftops. After taking refuge in our minivan from the chill, we soon transferred our family to a neighbor’s living room, partially to shield them from watching their house burn down.

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