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Up, Up and OUT

Here’s a link to the article as it appeared in Hamodia, and the text of the article follows:


It all began with the guest who ran away. Our family was very excited when Uncle Mendy* came to visit. Two bachurim moved out of their room, happy to sleep on mattresses on the floor so Uncle Mendy would have the “guest room.” They kept the grumbling to a minimum when faced with the task of sorting their gazillion stacks of papers, each neatly folded in eight, so that Uncle Mendy would have a surface or two for his own stuff . They transferred their clothes to temporary quarters in other rooms, so as not to disturb Uncle Mendy in the mornings. They needn’t have bothered.
By morning, Uncle Mendy was gone.
We were close to calling 911 when he turned up, poking his head out of the neighbor’s basement, still somewhat bleary-eyed.

What happened?
Alarm clocks.

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