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Binyan Blocks

When my older children were small, we spent hours playing with Fisher Price sets. I used to imagine that I would one day partner with that company to create a Shul set, complete with Tatty and boy figures, Torahs, and a backyard sukkah with a crank-up roof.

So when I saw the Binyan Blocks ad with the shul AND the sukkah, I knew this was a company after my own heart.  Those boys are grown up now, but their younger brothers were very willing to indulge my fantasy and become the proud owners of a few sets of Binyan Blocks.

Even though it was a school night, actually  a whole week of school nights, everyone managed to make time for Binyan Blocks.  Homework?  Two minutes.  Put away my briefcase, coat and shoes? Done.  Can we build now?

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Boy Oh Boy! Free Gift Option in Binah Pre-Call-A-Thon

It was a very special day for me when Binah chose Boy Oh Boy! as one of the four selections offered to subscribers during the Pre-Call-A-Thon renewal drive.

It was even more exciting when they contacted me once, and then again and again, asking for more, more and still more books!

Thank you, Binah readers, for choosing Boy Oh Boy!