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Exiles of Crocodile Island

A near-forgotten tragedy of Jewish history is brought alive in this novel, a long-time classic that has recently been reprinted. When Yosef, Chanan and Luis find themselves among 2000 young Jewish children exiled to the island of Sao Tome to be baptized by the Church and estranged from their heritage, can they see beyond their differences and give the children a fighting chance?  Boys will be captivated by the adventure and courage that fills the pages, while subtly absorbing lessons in human relationships.

This is a book that can be read, re-read and then read yet one more time. I should know! I read it first as a child, again as a teenager, and once again now…and I look forward to encouraging any of my boys who haven’t read it yet to do so as soon as they return from camp!  No bribes will be necessary for this book!