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Trip Tips for Chol Hamoed, Summer Fridays or Anytime

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Dread the Chol Hamoed refrain of ‘where are we going today’?  Just as you prepare your menus and groceries in advance, and you make sure everyone has fresh white shirts and new hair bows, it’s worthwhile to take the time during the weeks leading up to Yom Tov and plan your Chol Hamoed.

I remember leaving a place at 3:30 pm.  We had been there since 11:00 am, and had enjoyed immensely.  I couldn’t help noticing the long lines of frum families waiting to enter.  Entrance fee was over ten dollars per person, and the place closed at 5:00.

It was a shame that they had traveled so far, and would be paying so much for such a short time.  If you’re going to take your family out, you might as well be smart about it!

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