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My Guest Post on

Hi, everyone,

After Miriam Hendeles kindly reviewed my book, she invited me to write a guest post on her blog, on the topic of ‘preparing to be a mother-in-law’!  (How did she know I worry about that?)

Once I started it was hard to stop, and the results are right here

While you’re there, take a look around…it’s a friendly, welcoming blog written from the heart, so browse and enjoy!

Collection Consternation

The fun part of Pesach cleaning is NOW.  Before the pressure sets in, when you can organize at your leisure, and help your home lose 10 lbs a day (you will also feel lighter as the junk goes!)

So I began in…the boys’ room (one of them).  And I had fun throwing out dozens of prizes that they will never miss.  Superballs, all kinds of plastic contraptions that shoot stuff across the room or up to the ceiling, dismembered pens of all varieties.  Random cards from long-forgotten contests, fake money, key chains of all kinds.

But I have yet to find a solution for my sons’ precious collections.  Although I put my foot down about the bottle caps when they got out of hand, justified because there’s absolutely NOTHING interesting, exciting, educational or useful about bottle caps, I still remain with an entire drawer dedicated to the storage of about 6000 business cards, and arather nice-sized collection of shriveled esrogim.

Does anyone know of a project that can be made out of more business cards than anyone can count?  Maybe one of those HUGE posters, like the kind they sometimes make out of individual faces…I think we’ll try that, and if it works out, look out  for the picture on the blog!

update 1/31/2014…here’s the pic of the finished photo image!  I just wish it would have used more than 400 out of 6000 cards, I don’t think we made much of a dent in the collection!  It was a lot of fun, though.  We drew a grid on 2 2×6 thin plywood boards, then planned what would go where, and last of all, used up all our Elmer’s glue (the purple glue stick wins for quick, flat sticking!) getting everything into place.

photo image of Boy Oh Boy! cover

Business Card Mosaic of Boy Oh Boy! cover


What do your boys collect?  Can it be turned into art?  Please show us what you made!

Book Review in Hamodia

The very first official book review of Boy Oh Boy! appeared this week in Hamodia’s weekend edition!  Read it in the attached PDF.

Do you have a local paper where readers know you? Do you want to review Boy Oh Boy! for your community?  If the paper has a considerable readership, contact me about receiving a free book in exchange for your review.

The book review is now available on the Baltimore Where What When website, here as well.

And an expanded version including excerpts can be found on the Cleveland Jewish News, here