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It’s a(nother) boy!

Call me archaic if you will, I’m one of those who walks into the delivery room with NO IDEA what it’s going to be!

By the time I was expecting my fourth, though, I was getting rather antsy.  With three boys at home, could I wait nine months to know what this baby would be?

On the other hand, as the stakes got higher, it somehow seemed more important NOT to know.  First of all, forget it, it would be impossible to keep it a secret.  You know how people are when they’re hoping you’ll have that first girl, they’ll try any tactic to trip you up!  But beyond that, it’s hard to feel exultant about an anonymous ‘nother boy’, and maybe, just maybe, I would feel a bit disappointed for the rest of the pregnancy.  And maybe when that boy would be born, I would greet him with ‘duh.’  I don’t know, I never tried!  But I knew with absolute certainty that after difficult labor, when the baby of newly discovered gender would be placed, ruddy and healthy, in my arms, I would be euphoric either way, girl or boy.  And that was something I didn’t want to risk losing!

So I chose to remain uninformed, and I’m glad I did.

And then, I was expecting number six.  By that time, what can I say? I was feeling the pressure.  It wasn’t me, I was okay having another boy, but I knew my friends were starting to feel weird. Like, what would they say to me if it was a(nother) boy?

So I took matters into my own hands.  All through my ninth month, I coached my friends.  “Listen to what you’re going to say if I have another boy: ‘Another boy?!!!! That’s amazing! Lucky you – six boys…wow!’  And not only that…you know the present you’re dreaming of buying me when I have my girl?  I want it now…I deserve it twice as much if I have another boy!”

That arranged, I could enter my tenth month (yeah, yeah) with a load off my shoulders. I didn’t have to worry about pity calls and half-hearted mazel tovs, I knew my friends would come through for me.

And then, it was a girl!  A darling, pink pink pinkety-pink girl…

But the pressure wasn’t off yet.  You think as soon as you have a girl, you can breathe and have another ten boys?  Not until bas yechida has a sister!


Nachas Moment – Reading in the Aisle

Wish I had a camera yesterday – these are the moments that make writing a book worthwhile!

I walked into Eichlers, and the first thing I saw was a chassidishe yungerman standing at the ‘New Releases’ bookcase, reading my book!  When I had circled the store to find my own purchase and come around back, he was still reading…


In Z. Berman, Passaic, the first week


In Eichler’s Flatbush…time to restock!

Interview on Akeres Habayis Hotline

Get the inside story of how Boy Oh Boy came to be!

Akeres Habayis: 718-506-9057, Option 8, then 1  (latest interview – eventually it will move to the archive!)

This is my first-ever interview, and just the second time speaking in public, so let me know how I did!

(Our phone connection during the interview wasn’t so great…I hope it didn’t affect the flow of conversation too much!)

I knew I had a boy when…

Just wanted to point out that not all the ‘I knew I had a boy when…’s in the book happened to me personally.  In the original manuscript, I had marked which ones were collected from other mothers, but when they were scattered throughout the book, that notation was lost!  (Due to tight time constraints, I only got the PDF of the typeset version AFTER the book was sent to print.)

So in case you’re wondering, no, we DO NOT have a zoo in our bathroom, and my son did not pull the fire alarm and start a police record at age 3!


Carp in the Bathtub

(submitted verbally)

The chapter on jaundice was very interesting.  Here’s something I heard recently (but I think is considered dangerous) – to put the baby in a bathtub with live carp swimming around.  It’s supposed to work like the pigeon cure for hepatitis – the carp absorb the bilirubin.

Please do not try this – I’ve also heard that it’s not effective, because the baby’s liver is not fully mature, and the bilirubin will rise again after the ‘treatment.’

Has anyone else heard of this?  Any professionals have input?

Color-coded hangers

Got lots of boys?

In our house, the coat closet was fast beginning to resemble a men’s clothing store – it took my husband and sons too much trial and error to find their beketches, chaletlech and coats.

The solution: colored duct tape or electric tape around the neck of the hanger.  We assigned each person a color, and now they can reach for their stuff in one go.