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Comments and information about the book, Boy Oh Boy

Nachas Moment – Reading in the Aisle

Wish I had a camera yesterday – these are the moments that make writing a book worthwhile!

I walked into Eichlers, and the first thing I saw was a chassidishe yungerman standing at the ‘New Releases’ bookcase, reading my book!  When I had circled the store to find my own purchase and come around back, he was still reading…


In Z. Berman, Passaic, the first week


In Eichler’s Flatbush…time to restock!

I knew I had a boy when…

Just wanted to point out that not all the ‘I knew I had a boy when…’s in the book happened to me personally.  In the original manuscript, I had marked which ones were collected from other mothers, but when they were scattered throughout the book, that notation was lost!  (Due to tight time constraints, I only got the PDF of the typeset version AFTER the book was sent to print.)

So in case you’re wondering, no, we DO NOT have a zoo in our bathroom, and my son did not pull the fire alarm and start a police record at age 3!