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Tips and ideas for mothers of boys

Magen Tzitzit – Tzitzis Shield

One of the perks of having written Boy Oh Boy! is that friends are quick to share new boy-related products with me.  So when my husband pulled a small box labeled ‘Magen Tzitzit’ from his suitcase, I knew what it was.  It was the thingamajig a friend had shown me during the summer, and it was meant to keep the tzitzis strings from tangling in the wash. Her endorsement, though, had  been a bit lukewarm…still, I refrained from sighing, “I hope you didn’t spend too much on that!” and instead pretended to be suitably impressed.

And I’m glad I did!  Just a few days later, a neighbor raved to me about the Magen Tzitzit, saying it was amazing and she had just ordered more, so I decided to be a sport and try it.  And what do you know? It worked like a charm!  You wind the tzitzis around a spiral piece, snap on a protective cover, and throw it into the machine.  When you’re done, the strings are neat and tangle-free, a boy mom’s dream come true!

So of course, I need some more…

When we took long walks to shul or relatives on Yom Tov, I positioned one boy on either side of my double carriage and designated them as my ‘blinkers.’  Any time we turned in or even ‘switched lanes’ to let someone by, the boy on that side had to signal our intention.  We walked miles without bickering; they weren’t hungry, or thirsty or tired…if when we arrived, it took some time for them to resume verbal communication, no one complained!

Color-coded hangers

Got lots of boys?

In our house, the coat closet was fast beginning to resemble a men’s clothing store – it took my husband and sons too much trial and error to find their beketches, chaletlech and coats.

The solution: colored duct tape or electric tape around the neck of the hanger.  We assigned each person a color, and now they can reach for their stuff in one go.

Gemach idea – clothes for pre-bar mitzvah boys

Anyone out there looking for an easy, useful gemach that can save mothers of boys money?

Start a gemach for gently used boys’ clothing in size 12 – 18, to be used by boys who outgrew their clothes a few months before bar mitzvah…who wants to buy a new wardrobe just because the temperature dropped (or rose), when the bar mitzvah is a few weeks or months away?

If you undertake this one, please let me know – I have six pairs of corduroy pants size 14 in excellent condition to contribute!